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Zurich Instruments Webinar - A Fast and Scalable Approach to Controlling 100 Qubits and More
Duration: 1hr (45 mins + 15 mins)
In this webinar, you will see how our approach simplifies and accelerates the development of ambitious quantum computing projects going from a few qubits to 100 or more qubits. We will focus on two of the most promising systems, namely superconducting and spin qubits, and will show how to perform Rabi oscillations in a day as well as how to control and read out qubits with the highest speed and fidelity.

Aug 20, 2020 05:00 PM in Zurich

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Presenter - Dr. Tobias Thiele
Quantum Application Scientist @Zurich Instruments
Tobias Thiele is an Application Scientist for quantum technologies at Zurich Instruments. His background lies at the intersection between solid-state systems, atomic physics, and sensitive magnetometry applications. In the US and Europe, he has worked on hybrid systems for coupling Rydberg atoms to superconducting circuits or atoms to nanophotonic crystal waveguides, trapped single atoms in arrays, and developed a sensitive absolute atomic magnetometer. Tobias gets enthused about almost anything from fundamental scientific questions to optimal data algorithms and machine learning.
Host - Dr. Magdalena Marszalek
Technical Sales @Zurich Instruments
Magdalena Marszalek is a member of the Technical Sales team at Zurich Instruments. She has a background in materials science and received her PhD in chemistry at EPFL in Lausanne, where she investigated nanostructures for Grätzel solar cells. Thanks to her interdisciplinary studies, Magdalena can advise you on measurement applications ranging from photonics to tissue and cell research, even though impedance spectroscopy holds a special place in her heart. After work, Magdalena trades her laptop keyboard for one where she can hone her skills as a classical pianist.