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Zurich Instruments Virtual Event - The Next Generation of Quantum Analyzers: SHFQA Launch Event
Duration: 1hr 15min

Would you like to improve the readout of your superconducting or spin qubits, increase the fidelity of your quantum algorithm or scale up your qubit system size? These are the goals that motivated us to bring to the market the SHFQA Quantum Analyzer. In this virtual launch event, we will provide a technical overview of the instrument and discuss the strengths of its integrated, mixer-calibration-free frequency conversion scheme. We will also run instrument demonstrations to show you how to:

- Measure a resonator at 8 GHz with only two microwave cables;
- Perform the readout of 16 qubits in parallel; and
- Take advantage of the SHFQA's feedback capabilities and integrate the SHFQA into a 10-instrument QCCS.

An extended live Q&A session will allow you to ask us your questions about the SHFQA – join us for this event!

Nov 17, 2020 05:00 PM in Zurich

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Dr. Sadik Hafizovic
CEO @Zurich Instruments
Sadik Hafizovic is Zurich Instruments' CEO and co-founder, and serves on the company's board of directors. He runs the organization, and is responsible for the company strategy and for driving business development. Sadik has been the CEO of Zurich Instruments since the incorporation in 2008. In the founding years of Zurich Instruments, he was also responsible for digital signal processing and graphical user interfaces. He is an expert in digital signal processing, and was a successful business owner before he founded Zurich Instruments. Sadik earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and underwent management training at the University of St. Gallen.
Dr. Paolo Navaretti
Application Scientist @Zurich Instruments
Paolo Navaretti is Product Manager for lock-in amplifiers at Zurich Instruments. He received his PhD in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sheffield in the UK, where he performed research on semiconductor optoelectronics. At ETH Zurich, he worked both on semiconductor MEMS and semiconductor optoelectronics. Later, he focussed on the development of superluminescent LEDs at Exalos. Paolo is always eager to talk about science and technology, discuss measurement challenges, exchange opinions on management, and learn about interesting places to visit and new culinary experiences.
Dr. Tobias Thiele
Applications Scientist @Zurich Instruments
Tobias Thiele is an Application Scientist for quantum technologies at Zurich Instruments. His background lies at the intersection between solid-state systems, atomic physics, and sensitive magnetometry applications. In the US and Europe, he has worked on hybrid systems for coupling Rydberg atoms to superconducting circuits or atoms to nanophotonic crystal waveguides, trapped single atoms in arrays, and developed a sensitive absolute atomic magnetometer. Tobias gets enthused about almost anything from fundamental scientific questions to optimal data algorithms and machine learning.